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About Audrey

It’s time Jacksonville had a mayor who will put in the work! A mayor who puts the needs of the residents first, and actually brings the community together. A mayor who gets it that we all want a good quality of life including housing affordability, safe neighborhoods, healthier families, a good business environment, and a future that embraces promises made promises kept.

Audrey Gibson gets it! Audrey is a Jacksonville native and has been a productive leader in the city for years. She’s known as a consensus builder bringing people together for the greater good regardless of where they live or what party they belong to. She has delivered needed progress on issues like transportation, job creation, health care, veteran services, environmental mitigation, saving Jax libraries and cultural venues. Audrey is running for Mayor to ensure the greatness of Jacksonville and the people and families who call Jacksonville home!

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“Day One I’ll be a strong mayor who brings us together to solve issues together. We are Duuvaal! Join the campaign and be part of the team that leans in together and places Jacksonville on a new path that includes all of us.”

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