Strong mayor-Strong city that leans in together on issues

Budget and Spending

My budget experience has given me a deep understanding that our budget should reflect our priorities for every community, in every neighborhood, down to the block. A continuing tale of two cities is unacceptable.

Fairness and Good Government

As mayor I will impress upon city council to include a social impact statement on legislation that comes before the body so there is full understanding of the good or detriment to the quality of life of those who have to live with the end result.

Our city business partnerships should be focused on what is the absolute best return on investment for taxpayers in the long and short term and include civic engagement and job numbers that reflect majority hiring of Jacksonville residents.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

Having toured several port cities, in and out of the country I know the shipping industry is very competitive. We must remain in prime position to compete with other port cities while being attentive to any impactful environmental issues related to our beloved St. Johns River.

I’ve visited multiple manufacturing facilities and know the importance of their presence in our community. I also know their high wage paying jobs don’t see much turnover, this means we need a business-friendly environment to ensure a mix of tech, labor, and small community businesses.

My experience in transportation, tourism and economic development makes me keenly aware that we must be more than a pass thru city and our tourism driver “Visit Jacksonville” should be funded in a way that increases tourism dollars that make it into our budget. Our culture venues add value to our city, and we should fund them as such.

Health Care and Economic Impact

We are quickly becoming a high wage job producing medical hub. This is certainly good for better health outcomes for all of us: decreasing health disparities in our community like diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, maternal mortality, and sickle cell disease, among others. We should embrace this awesome dynamic while making sure the city makes its contributory payments for indigent care, particularly since our state refuses to expand Medicaid which would be financially beneficial to the bottom line of our city finances.

Housing our Citizens can Afford

As Mayor, I will look towards revitalization of area neighborhoods as a way of increasing housing stock. Securing funds from state, federal and national nonprofit sources to aid in packaging low interest loans, to change impossible to possible for individuals and families to have affordable housing options is mission critical.

Transportation and Infrastructure

I requested a study that led to Jacksonville getting its fair share of transportation disadvantaged funds that gets our seniors and the disabled on the move to where they need or desire to be. As mayor, I will continue to ensure that Jacksonville gets its fair share of funding to keep our city moving.

From a boat with our riverkeeper, I have investigated drainage issues that flood Washington Heights and Ribault Scenic Drive. I’ve seen drainage issues in San Marco, Pottsburg Creek and in areas of council district 4 that mirror northside, eastside and other neighborhoods, I made the drainage issue in Jacksonville Beach my issue by putting the project on my priority funding list. Some of the issues are old smaller drainage infrastructure problems while others relate to destruction of river grasses.

I believe that similarly situated neighborhoods in need of infrastructure and/or beautification projects can be bundled in a manner that getting them done is fair and costs are lessened. As Mayor, I intend to explore this possibility.

Honoring our Military and Veterans

We are a military and veteran city and having been both chair and vice chair of the military affairs committee in the Florida senate, I am keenly aware of needs of our veterans and their families.

I am happy to have made both Five Star Veterans and Northeast Florida Women’s Veterans funding priorities.

Our veterans need us and we must honor them all by taking care of their needs.

Crime and Safety

I will work with the sheriff on a budget that includes “old fashion” policing that is a mix of engaging the community and using technological advances.

We must have a strong multi-disciplined crime & safety commission that is data driven, beyond program review and sprinkle funding. More partnerships among and between community organizations focused on prevention, intervention and mental health is how we get to our community feeling safer.

A Unified City

As mayor my commitment is to stay laser focused on Jacksonville issues alone, drown out the noise that seeks to divide us, and recognize our collective strength to lean in together on a rising tide that lifts everyone.